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Property with terrace in Palma. Would you like to know how much it costs?

Property with terrace in Palma. Would you like to know how much it costs?

Homes that have one or more terraces in Palma cost up to 37.8 percent more than those that do not have this feature, according to a study analyzed by Homa Inmobiliaria.

Specifically, those who have these spaces cost an average of 371,748 euros, while those that do not, are worth an average of 269,864 euros.This percentage is slightly above the national average, which reaches 36 percent.

The same situation occurs for those homes that are in a rental situation. In this case, in the Balearic capital, the average price of those with a terrace is 1,612, compared to 1,332 of those that do not. This is a difference of 21 percent.

Buying a flat that has this comfort in Spain costs 212,792 euros on average, while homes without “outside spaces” remain at 156,005 euros.

The difference is reduced to 15 percent in the case of rental housing, from 1,041 euros for those with a terrace to 900 for those who do not.

By capital, Santander is the place where there is greater contrast, with up to 67.4 percent of difference between them, followed by Las Palmas (63.7 percent), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (56.6 percent), and Lleida (52.9 percent).

On the contrary, in the city of Zamora the floors with terrace are only 0.9 percent more expensive. They are followed by Salamanca (6.7 percent), Lugo (8 percent), A Coruña (9.5 percent) and Ávila (9.7 percent).

Source: Ultima Hora



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