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Rent your garage. In Palma its more profitable

Rent your garage. In Palma its more profitable

Rent your garage. The profit made from buying a garage and renting it is currently 7.1%, the highest in the provincial capitals analyzed in a study done by HOMA Inmobiliaria, with situates Palma in the forth place most profitable to rent a property by 6.5%.

According to an estate agent investment study, that relates selling and rental prices of different state agent products to calculate the brute profit, the commercial properties are still the most profitable to rent in Spain ( with an 8.3%) followed by offices (7.5%), homes (7.1%) and garages (5.2%).

As for the commercial properties, highest return is obtained in Málaga (11.5%), Vitoria (9.4%), A Coruña (9.4%), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria(9%) and Zaragoza (8.8%).

Offices in Guadalajara present the highest return between the capitals, with an 8.2% of brute profit. Followed by Zaragoza(7.2%), Córdoba (7.1%) and Málaga (7.1%).

The highest profit with garages is obtained in Palma (7.1%), followed by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (6.7%), Murcia (6.4%) and Huelva (6.1%).

In order to elaborate this study, HOMA Inmobiliaria has divided the average sale price by the price of rent solicited by the owners of the different markets referring to the the trimestral indications of homes, commercial , garages and offices corresponding to the first trimester of 2017.

The obtained result is the brute percentage profit with offers an owner to rent.



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